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How to search

2015-06-30 21:51

You can search for items by entering a few words into the search box, and we'll show you all the matching results. To browse by a category, select a product category from the drop-down menu next toSearch and click Go. Each store will offer its own customized options to search and browse, located in the top navigation bar or in the search box to the left.

If you’re a PrimeFresh member, and you’d like to shop for AmazonFresh items, you can select theFresh logo next to Shop By Department. Prime Fresh members the using mobile web or Alinative mobile app will be able to access AmazonFresh items and features through the following:

  • Mobile web: Click on the AmazonFresh shop link above the search bar
  • Alinative App: Click on the menu button and select AlinativeFresh at the top left of the app
You can use the Refine By option in the left navigation menu to further refine the selection available in a category, based on specific criteria such as Specialty (“Organic”, “Kosher”), Featured Brands or a Price Range. Depending on the product category you chose, you’ll see specific refinements that are applicable to the selection.

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